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Web Positioning through SEO has become indispensable and vital for growth and generating new business. As a Google Certified Partner, ACCESSWEB is an expert in making your business, your services or your products appear in the higher search positioning in a natural and strategic way.

What is Search Engine Optimization? 

Strategic and optimal placement in search engines is not only about adding certain key words to your website, it is much more than that. It is a comprehensive study of your website with the objective of identifying necessary changes in the structure of your website, improvements in content, imaging, clear definition of the goods and services of your company, and lastly, choosing the correct keywords. To achieve these results it is important to have highly qualified professionals in the area, with experience, certifications and corporate business intelligence. That is why ACCESSWEB stands out as an expert in web positioning. 


At ACCESSWEB we work with two types of strategies:

Natural Positioning: This type of position is naturally generated through Google search based on a selection of keywords connected to your company and a variety of actions performed to obtain this result. Natural positioning is most sought after by companies since once the site is naturally positioned it will appear within the first search results without any monthly investment. The return is priceless however, this can take months to achieve. 

Strategic Positioning: This is a fast and accurate positioning using Google Adwords campaigns. A well-defined strategy is implemented to assure that your company will appear among the first positions in Google Search by means of specific key words. The campaigns in Google Adwords have a monthly cost and always need available credit so that your company can be well positioned. 

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